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Norma Laura Ramírez Miranda, PhD

Dr. Norma Ramírez (she/her/ella- PSY #34227) is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in California (PSY #34227) and Nevada ( PY # 1158). She founded All Good Things (Todas Las Cosas Buenas) because she saw how marginalized communities were often overlooked or misunderstood within the mental health field. As such, “All Good Things” is founded on the belief that every person is worthy of and deserves All Good Things.

Dr. Ramírez's approach is oriented toward social justice including but not limited to: race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, faith/religion, immigration status and history, neurodiversity, and individual diversity.


At All Good Things, Dr. Ramírez offers a wide range of mental health services to individuals and families, mental health providers, and organizations such as individual and group psychotherapy, consulting, trainings/ workshops, and immigration mental health evaluations.

Currently, individual and group psychotherapy and immigration mental health evaluations are only offered in California through telehealth and in Nevada in person or through telehealth.

All other services (consulting, trainings, and workshops) are available nationwide and the manner in which they are delivered can be discussed.

Areas of Expertise

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Trauma (single event, multiple events, on-going)

  • Vicarious Trauma/ Compassion Fatigue

  • Cultural/Diversity Issues

  • Impact of Immigration status on daily living (e.g. undocumented status, DACA, TPS)

  • Issues relating to physical/sexual abuse, and intimate partner violence/ domestic violence

  • Parenting Skills

Why Choose All Good Things

When it comes to your mental health, choosing the right service provider is crucial. At All Good Things, Dr. Ramírez is committed to excellence, a personalized approach, and focus on cultural competence. She prioritizes your well-being and strives to create a safe and supportive environment for your mental health journey.

You may be a good fit with Dr. Ramírez if you are interested in taking steps to improve your daily life and relationships in an environment where you feel safe and understood.

About All Good Things

All Good Things is a mental health service provider committed to improving the well-being of individuals and families. Dr. Ramírez believes in the importance of cultural humility and strives to create a safe and inclusive environment for her clients.


All Good Things

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